About online security

At Digital Works, we take security very seriously. We take no shortcuts when it comes to protecting you and protecting ourselves from electronic attacks over the Internet.

All pages that send or receive personal information (including your account details, your credit card details and your logon password)are transmitted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) standard which encrypts this sensitive information as it traverses the Internet.

SSL encryption is based on digital certificates installed on our commerce server. Digital certificates authenticate the identity and ownership of the site with which you interact.

The logon password that you select when you register yourself at our site allows you to maintain your account information and to make purchases on your account each time you visit the Digital Works Online Store. Please keep your password securely as it is the only means we have to ensure that you have authorized the transaction.

Your email address is used as the customer logon ID. This ensures that every customer is identified with an easily remembered, globally unique, key. It also binds each account with a valid email address which is used to validate all transactions. You will automatically receive email when you start an account and each time you make a purchase. You have the opportunity to repudiate the purchase if you did not originate this transaction.

The database which holds customer and order information is protected behind a firewall which screens all accesses to it. As a further precaution, customers’ credit card details are not kept on the customer database. Credit card information is attached to orders which are removed from the system as soon as they are processed.

All interactions with our commerce server are tracked and logged by monitoring software. This system alerts us to attempted break-ins and allows us to reconstruct events in order to trace fraudulent or malicious activities for further investigation.