Protecting your privacy

Our privacy policy is based on transparency and disclosure of our information practices, including:

  • what information about you is gathered or tracked
  • how the information is used
  • who the information is shared with.

In general, you can visit the Digital Works web site without revealing any information about yourself. However, when you initiate e-commerce transactions, you are transferred to our secure commerce server which may gather and track additional information about you. You will know when this happens when (1) you interact through a secure SSL-enabled window, indicated on your browser by a lock or key symbol, (2) you provide personal information to start or update an account and (3) you are prompted to login to the secure server with your email address and your password.

Customer accounts

All commerce transactions require you to start an account with us. The customer registration form is designed to gather only enough information to ensure that goods will be correctly shipped, you can be contacted and we will be paid. We will not share your account information with others without your express consent.

Use of your email address

Your email address is an important component of our customer relationship. It is used as a customer logon ID to identify you uniquely on a global basis. Your email address is also used by our commerce server to communicate the progress of each transaction with you. You will receive email confirmation whenever you start/update an account, submit an order or when your order is shipped.

Optionally, we may contact you by email to send you information about our products. You can opt not to receive these product updates when you register/update your account. Information on how to opt out of this distribution list will be included in every one of these email messages.

We will not share your email address with others without your express consent.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small items of data that can be stored on your web browser by our server, which can be retrieved upon later visits to the same site. Users can opt to turn off cookies at their browser. Some browsers do not support cookies at all.

We use cookies only for one purpose: your convenience. All key e-commerce functions at the site can be used without cookies. However, you will lose some convenience functions such as shopping-cart alert, shopping-cart persistence and the re-order facility.

Outsourced services

Some of the services underlying the Digital Works web site, including site hosting, commerce transaction processing and credit-card payment processing, are managed and operated by other service providers. In such cases your information may be accessible to the service provider systems. Our contracts with our service providers contain privacy provisions to support our own privacy practices.

Usage monitoring

Our secure server incorporates software that tracks the usage of the site and any attempts to circumvent our security system. This information is logged and may be used in any potential investigation into fraudulent or malicious activities that take place on the site. We will only use this information in such a context, and will only share this information with law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation.