Gives New Life To Normal Throwaway Batteries

Many batteries contain a deadly cocktail of heavy metals and toxic chemicals that pollute our landfills. By recharging your throwaway batteries you’re helping the environment and cutting your battery costs for life. Download the Rezap Brochure


It works and saves us a lot of money. I think the product is very good and every family should have one.
Afif Ismail, Thomastown, VIC, Australia
As I use a lot of torch batteries for fishing and batteries in radio and CD. I have saved quite a lot by the charging method (top machine!). Thanks.
C Luckey, Five Dock NSW
A really good product, it fits all batteries. Been waiting to see one of these for ages!
Murray Gill, Blackburn, VIC, Australia
The fact that this unit can charge such a variety of battery types and sizes, all at the same time, is brilliant.
Stuart Maier, Dapto, NSW, Australia

I have been wasting money for years throwing away 9V batteries that have gone flat in my music gear. Your new charger is a great idea and a long time coming. Thank you.

Tony Carton, Warren, NSW, Australia

Having two very young children, it is a relief to be able to charge normal batteries to re-use over and over again in their battery operated toys.

Carrolyn Lillie, Klemzig, SA, Australia
I have been looking for a battery charger for a few years now because of the amount of disposable batteries that I use. Thank you for developing and marketing a great Australian Product.
Mick Brayshaw, Coppabella, QLD, Australia
This little new gadget brings dead batteries to life. It has saved our school a lot. We have recycled all sorts of batteries that this gadget can take. A great buy – would recommend to anyone.
Len Peris, Victorian School of Languages
As an industrial engineer, it is a delight to me to find a product like your Batter Doctor which not only does all that is necessary to get the best and of all kinds of batteries, but does this without fuss and requires a minumum input by the user.
Ian C. Fenwick, South Yarra, VIC, Australia

The minute I saw this I wanted one as I use a huge amount of batteries in toys and musical toys. I have a 4 year old and also do family day care so I have a lot of toys needing batteries in use. It works flawlessly.

Jennifer D Ellem, Katoomba, NSW, Australia
A really good product, it fits all batteries. Been waiting to see one of these for ages!
Terry Hope, Photographer

The Battery Doctor. Performance & Practicality.

Less Bells & Wistles, Same Charging Power

The Battery Doctor is the perfect choice for the budget conscience consumer. While this model lacks the advanced LCD screen of the ReZAP Pro, effective charging of your throwaway batteries is guaranteed. The Battery Doctor offers an exceptional return of investment whilst you recharge your batteries instead of buying new ones.

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The ReZAP Pro. The Best Just Got Better.

The Next Generation

The ReZAP Pro represents the latest development in the evolution of battery chargers. It employs advanced multi-chemistry battery charging technology and innovative active charge monitor technology to ensure each battery is individually custom charged. A handy LCD screen means you’ll always know what’s going on.

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A Recharger For Every Budget

Two Machines Based On Patented Technology. Compare Below.



Battery sizes: AA, AAA, AAA, C, D, N, 9V, 6V, Prismatic
5 Battery chemistries: Alkaline, Titanium, RAM, NiCd, NiMH
4 charging bays (1 slot for 9V)
Built-in battery tester
Terminal clips for 6V Lantern
Simultaneous charging of mixed types and sizes




Battery sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V
5 Battery chemistries: Alkaline, Titanium, RAM, NiCd, NiMH
4 charging bays
Built-in battery tester
Simultaneous charging of mixed types and sizes
LED display with diagnostics


Why Recharge Your Normal Batteries?


Batteries and the environment

All battery components, when discarded, contribute to the pollution of the environment. Heavy metal components which, when discarded, can be toxic to plants, animals and humans. A strategy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is one that benefits both the environment and the consumer, especially when it comes to batteries.

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